ION-R100 - Tested IP Cameras

The ION-R100 has been designed to support video stream decoding of any IP camera / IP encoder which support H.264 video over RTSP OR MJPEG over HTTP.A list is provided and describes the IP camera and IP encoder makes and models which have been tested by IONODES or by customers.


Feature: Low Latency Video

All H.264 encoders in our product line offer a “low latency” mode on video encoding.

In order to achieve the best results in low latency mode, it is required that the video decoding endpoint, which can be a PC-based video player or a hardware video decoder such as the ION-R100, needs to ensure minimal latency on the video decoding and rendering side.


Why you shouldn't build your own NVR

We are sometimes asked a simple question by customers looking into "all-in-one" NVR's: why should I buy an NVR instead of building my own? Aside from saving you time (money!), there are a number of aspects to the full answer.


Feature: Edge Recording

All H.264 encoders in our product line offer some level of edge recording functionality.

In addition to using our edge-recording enabled encoders, you will need a VMS system which is directly compatible with our feature set. Currently, Genetec© Omnicast™ is the only VMS system which takes full advantage of our edge recording functions.