Why you shouldn't build your own NVR

Don't do it yourself

We are sometimes asked a simple question by customers looking into "all-in-one" NVR's: why should I buy an NVR instead of building my own?
Aside from saving you time (money!), there are a number of aspects to the full answer.

Optimized Operating System

All IONODES NVR servers come with a pre-installed Windows operating system - we just saved you an hour of so of software installation time right there!

The Windows operating system installed in our NVR's is custom-built and optimized for NVR type environments. We focused on making the operating system image as light as possible to avoid any unnecessary CPU cycle waste. This means more CPU power for running your video management software.

The operating system image we built for these boxes will also never stall or jam the machine up like a standard Windows OS can (blue screen of death). Less chances of failures means less support issues to manage.

NVR Management Software

All IONODES NVR servers come with our own pre-installed unique NVR management software services.

The IONODES Quick Setup Wizard – this wizard loads upon boot-up and guides you through the installation and configuration process of the NVR; this includes setting system & network settings as well as the full installation of all built-in VMS packages: Genetec, Milestone, Exacq, Avigilon and Axis. This saves A LOT of time during the deployment process. Note that manually installing software not only can generate issues due to package / driver dependencies, but also can consume from 30min to over an hour of time.

Hardware watchdog support – this software layer prevents the box from freezing up should a software error or stall occur. Without a hardware watchdog, it is possible for the software running on the machine to stall the entire NVR. The software layer we provide interfaces with the actual hardware monitoring components found inside the NVR to keep a “live ping” up which makes sure that in case of unexpected software stall the hardware will reboot on its own.

Remote monitoring – our software layer provides a web GUI allowing users to remotely manage, diagnose and configure the NVR. This simplifies management and maintenance of your deployed NVR's.

Simple & fast system recovery - In cases where a system if bogged down or corrupted due to a suspected virus, software-gone-haywire, misconfiguration, etc., an IONODES NVR can be reset to factory settings in less than 1 minute, without needing any CD, DVD or other medium. The recovery process and factory image is built into the system and easily triggered at boot-up using the F8 key. Doing a manual recovery on your own custom-built NVR would mean re-installing the operating system and software manually from scratch; again, time and money saved.

Get Help When You Need It

All of our products entitle you to access to our technical support team for as long as you own the device(s). This support is available for help during installation, operation and troubleshooting of the product(s). Support is provided out of our main office in Canada and is specialized in video management solution deployments with most major software solutions on the market.


We hope this gave you good reasons to choose an IONODES NVR versus building your own custom solution - essentially saving you time and money.

Should you have questions or need help, please contact us:

IONODES Sales Team
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Tel: 450.696.1060