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Milestone Systems is a world-leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS), dedicated to deliver high quality business video platform software, in which hardware and software partners can integrate their video solutions for security and beyond security purposes.

Partner Solutions

Hybrid Cloud NVR

Our Hybrid Cloud NVR combined with the IONODES Video Cloud offers an easy way for you to deploy an on-premise Milestone XProtect video solution combined with innovative cloud-based features. Gain important benefits such as simple and secure remote live video access to your cameras and off-site archiving of event-based video clips to secured cloud storage.

Hybrid cloud NVR made easy.

Connect IP cameras directly to any Hybrid Cloud NVR’s built-in PoE ports, turn it on and you’re ready to go. The quick setup wizard guides you through initial setup, Milestone XProtect deployment and registration to cloud services in a few clicks. Getting remote access to live video on a Milestone XProtect platform has never been this easy and automatic archiving of event video to secure cloud storage protects your NVR against theft or damage.

Cloud access from any device.

The IONODES Video Cloud allows you to access live video from anywhere, anytime, using your favorite iOS or Android device or from any computer through the web portal. Our cloud services also allow you to receive realtime event alerts for motion detection and camera status changes. Event video is stored on secure cloud storage and can easily be accessed remotely and shared.

Integration features and benefits

  • Low noise compact design.
  • Connect IP cameras directly via PoE.
  • Intel® processor.
  • Dedicated SSD boot drive.
  • Up to 10TB of internal video storage.
  • Display output(s) for local playback.
  • Pre-installed Milestone XProtect VMS.
  • Pre-Loaded Windows 10 Enterprise OS.
  • Cloud-connected with the IONODES Video Cloud.
  • Remote live video access for 8 cameras.

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