Hybrid Cloud NVR: Cloud. On-Premise. One Solution.


The Hybrid Cloud NVR (HVR) offers an easy way for you to deploy a powerful on-premise Milestone XProtect video solution with added benefits provided by our IONODES Video Cloud platform. Users can now record video locally using Milestone’s industry-leading video management software while simultaneously recording event-based video clips in the cloud for added reliability and accessibility. Live and recorded video can be viewed anywhere, anytime using the IONODES Video Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Application: Hybrid Cloud NVR for small businesses


Many small businesses such as restaurants and fitness centers operate long hours and close late at night. A video surveillance system is essential to ensure safety and security of both staff and guests. By adding the IONODES Video Cloud to an on-premise system, small business owners gain important benefits such as remote access to live and recorded video in the event of an incident, anywhere, anytime from their favorite iOS / Android device.

The HVR doesn’t require any specific brand of IP camera; any IP camera can be easily installed behind the cash, at the main entrance, near the exits and in the customer area. Cameras are connected directly to the HVR through PoE ports, thus eliminating the need for any additional networking equipment. The HVR manages the cameras locally via the Milestone XProtect software solution and acts as a gateway to enable  cloud-based access to the cameras via the IONODES Video Cloud.


  • Event-based video clips are stored locally and in the cloud for redundancy.
  • The industry-leading Milestone XProtect runs your system locally.
  • Get cloud-enabled in only a few simple steps using the IONODES Video Cloud.
  • Access your cameras using the free Android & iOS mobile apps.
  • Access your cameras from any computer using our web portal.
  • Get instant notifications on camera status changes and motion detection.
  • Supports all IP camera brands supported in Milestone XProtect.
  • Easy installation using direct connection of cameras through built-in PoE ports.
  • Motion notifications for real-time awareness and enhanced employee safety.

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