ION-E100-HD: Workstation Encoder


The ION-E100-HD is a dedicated video encoder designed specifically for use with HDMI sources such as desktop computers, servers and HDMI cameras. The ION-E100-HD is capable of encoding H.264 streams at resolutions up to 1080p 30 / 720p 60 for transmission over IP networks, to NVR servers for recording or IP video decoders for display.

This ION-E100-HD can take the video output of a workstation and convert it to an IP video stream.  The VMS can manage, record and distribute this stream like a camera. This is often used for supervisory and training purposes.


Application: Workstation monitoring for major events


Major events such as international summits, festivals and major sporting events require a high level of security to protect all attendees and event personnel. Having an audited video surveillance deployment is essential to oversee and ensure the reliability of the deployed systems. Our workstation monitoring appliance, the ION-E100-HD, is the perfect add-on to your Genetec deployment as it provides an efficient way to monitor workstation activity.

Monitoring sites with agents and workstations are set up at major events to view real-time surveillance video. As a precautionary measure, it is common to add video encoders, such as the ION-E100-HD, in order to convert workstation activity into IP video streams that can be transmitted over the network and therefore be displayed on remote monitors and recorded by the VMS for auditing purposes.


  • The encoder captures all user actions on the workstation, not only the actions made in the VMS.
  • Small compact form factor.
  • Adds another level of security during critical events.
  • Synchronized playback allows an investigator to review cameras and operator actions side by side. This is often used for training purposes.

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