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Event based cloud video recording

In the majority of video surveillance scenarios, the most critical video clips are the ones where motion-detection or other events are triggered.  The value of your video surveillance solution relies on maintaining these critical video clips for a pre-defined period of time on reliable storage.  In this article, we will show you how to set-up the IONODES Video Cloud to add a level of redundancy to event-based video recording through automatic backup to cloud storage of motion-based video clips.

Setting up motion-based video recording to the cloud

Using the steps below, you will enable and configure the event-based video recording feature of the IONODES Video Cloud.  This feature will enable the automatic detection of motion on your local cameras  and then record these motion video events directly to your encrypted cloud video storage account.

Once stored on cloud storage, motion-based event video clips are shielded against loss or corruption and become remotely accessible from any mobile device or web-based application / browser.  The amount of time these clips are accessible on the cloud are defined by your cloud subscription plan and can differ from one camera to the next.

Step 1 – Access your IONODES Video Cloud

To set up motion-based recording for specific cameras, enter your IONODES Video Cloud mobile app and access the camera you want to by going to the Motion Detection section in the camera’s configuration.

IONODES Video Cloud


Step 2 – Sensitivity threshold

Click on the Sensitivity Threshold menu item.

This setting will determine the sensitivity of the movements captured by this specific camera that will trigger a motion alarm. Recommended value to start with is between 6 and 8.

IONODES Video Cloud  


Step 3 – Detection zones

Set detection zones and privacy zones as desired.

IONODES Video Cloud

  1. As indicated, simple touch or touch & swipe areas that you DO NOT want the camera to detect motion detection in. These areas, in white, will then be ignored by the motion detection algorithm.
  2. Once you touch the Back button, the confirmation dialog will confirm the new settings are saved and active.

IONODES Video Cloud