Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus and potential impact on our supply chain

March 6th, 2020

Dear valued customer,

With the global news emerging regarding the COVID-19 virus we understand your concern of its possible impact and potential risk to our operations. Currently, our supply chain team is analyzing the impact and putting in place a mitigation plan in an attempt to reduce the impact as much as possible on our customer order deliveries.

Presently our top priority is to ensure that the entire supply chain and related manufacturing operations are maintained as functional as possible. For the components coming in from Asia, and especially from China, we are in the process of implementing a special screening process to avoid any risk of possible contamination with incoming material.

In order to secure your deliveries for the upcoming months it is highly recommended to place your forecasted orders well in advance to avoid falling into long lead times due to delays in supply of components.

That being said, IONODES will keep you informed via our inside sales, marketing & communications team of updates to this situation and how it is impacting any of your orders. We appreciate your business & will take all the preventative measures to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 on our service to you.

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