The IONODES Video Cloud offers an easy way for you to add encrypted cloud video storage and remote viewing capabilities to your video solution.  Gain important benefits such as secure remote video access to all of your cameras using your favorite iOS or Android device and off-site recording of event-based video to encrypted cloud video storage.

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How to mask areas used for motion detection on a camera?

By default, the motion detection algorithm of the IONODES Video Cloud will look for motion within the entire field of view of the camera.  You can mask certain areas of the camera view, thus disabling motion detection in these areas.  Masking of the motion detection zone is done through the mobile app for each camera.

How do I set the sensitivity of motion detection for a camera?

The sensitivity threshold setting, accessible through the mobile app, will determine the sensitivity of motion detection for a camera.  The sensitivity threshold is what determines when motion alarms are triggered and therefore need to be tweaked for each camera in order to meet the expected behavior. Recommended values are between sensitivity levels 6 and 8.

Who can apply to become an IONODES Video Cloud reseller?

Anyone! We’ve made the IONODES Video Cloud simple enough for anyone with basic IT knowledge to get started right away.  Whether you are IT reseller, access control installer or security systems integrator, we will get you started with earning recurring revenue in a few simple steps.

How is cloud recording triggered on a camera?

Video clips are sent to the IONODES Video Cloud when motion is detected on a camera for which cloud recording is activated.  The event video clips include 5 seconds of pre-event video as well as 5 seconds of post event video.  By default, the IONODES Video Cloud motion detection algorithm will determine when motion occurs in front of the camera and send that video to the cloud. The end user can change the sensitivity of this motion detection and set detection zones to mask out certain areas.

How do I activate cloud recording on a given camera?

Cloud recording activation is configurable through the IONODES Video Cloud mobile app by clicking the cloud icon located on the top right corner of the video preview window for any given camera. The cloud icon is filled gray when cloud recording is enabled and filled in white when it is disabled.  Activating cloud recording on a camera enables motion-based recording of video clips to the cloud.

Can I access the IONODES Video Cloud from my computer or laptop?

Yes.  You can access the web-based client of the IONODES Video Cloud from any browser on your computer or laptop by visiting the following link:  https://videocloud.ionodes.com

How do I log into my IONODES Video Cloud account?

Once cameras are registered to the IONODES Video Cloud, an account will be created for allowing access to live video, recorded clips and event notifications through the mobile app and web viewer.  This account may be used by the end customer or system integrator, depending on your needs.  Additional accounts may be created if needed; simply contact support@ionodes.com with your request.

In which languages is the mobile app offered?

The mobile app is currently offered in English, French, Spanish, Greek, Danish and Japanese.  The language activated on the app is dictated by the language configured on your device.

Is the mobile app free?

Yes, the mobile app is free to download on any iOS or Android device.  The app also includes a free Live Demo function.

How do I register cameras into the IONODES Video Cloud?

Using an IONODES Video Cloud appliance you will be guided through a series of configuration steps linking the local site’s cameras to your cloud subscription plan.  These steps are accessible at first boot time from the appliance’s Quick Setup Wizard and are designed to automate much of the process for you.

What equipment do I need to add cameras to the IONODES Video Cloud?

The IONODES Video Cloud requires that you deploy a compatible IONODES Video Cloud appliance at the local site.  This appliance will take charge of local cameras and act as a bridge, linking those cameras to your cloud subscription plan.  For a list of compatible IONODES Video Cloud appliances, visit https://www.ionodes.com/cloud

How can I demo the product without purchasing a subscription plan?

Everyone has access to the demo function of our mobile app available on iOS and Android devices. You can download the free app from the Apple Store and from the Google Store and click on the “View demo” button; no account login is necessary.


What is the price of each cloud subscription plan?

Pricing is published through our network of authorized resellers.  To obtain pricing for your project, please reach out to one of our resellers or contact us directly at sales@ionodes.com.

What are the available subscription plan options?

We have made our subscription plans simple, you choose the number of camera subscriptions and the number of days of video recording to keep in the cloud, that’s it.   Available video storage in the cloud ranges from 7 days to a full year of video retention.  All cloud subscription plans are offered in 12-month increments and include remote live video access to all of your cameras as well as event notifications.

How do I register to become an IONODES Video Cloud reseller?

To apply to become an IONODES Video Cloud reseller, simply fill out the online form linked below and your application will be processed within 24 hours by our customer service team.  Once processed, you will be contacted via phone or email to guide you through our simple on-boarding process. Welcome aboard!

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