Secure Displays for a Secure Environment

IONODES Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to promote more secure environments.  They can display live video on a variety of digital monitors without the cost, complexity and security risk of a client workstation.  This is ideal in public areas and in remote sites or facilities with few or no trained security staff.  The ION-R100S and ION-R200 Secure Display Stations can display up to 32 IP video streams, on one or two HD monitors, and can be managed directly through the Genetec™ Security Center interface.


Application: Management of remote displays with Genetec™

Many Genetec™ Security Center deployments have areas in which it is useful to share live video and security information.   These areas often share a number of characteristics that make it difficult or ineffective to deploy a full client workstation:

  • Staff in the area is not trained or qualified to operate Security Center.
  • Backup power is tested regularly leading to regular, brief power loss. This can damage workstations and lead them to get stalled in the reboot process.
  • Staff has a number of areas that require live monitoring, such as: Remote gate entrance, high value storage areas, building entrances and exits.
  • The video wall is in a public area where a workstation would pose a security risk.


Security Center operators can remotely manage Secure Display Stations (SDS) from the Security Desk application.  An SDS can be mounted to the back of a high definition monitor and connected to the secure network.  Trained Security Center operators can then control which cameras are displayed on each tile of a display wall layout.


  • Site security is enhanced by allowing trained security operators to manage the display of video at the site in real-time using the Security Center VMS platform.
  • Security cameras are able to deliver operational value in addition to their security benefits.
  • Security Messages and Threat levels can be shared throughout a facility via Secure Display Stations.



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