The Secure Display Stations are dedicated ultra-compact video wall appliances designed specifically for use with most video sources such as IP cameras and encoders. More than a simple video decoder, this video wall appliance offers a variety of useful features and can be deployed in multiple environments for security purposes.

An important software update is now available on our website for the Secure Display Stations (ION-R200 & ION-R100S). This major software update offers you a brand new HTML5 user interface, improved performance and addition of new functionalities. To download this software update, simply access the product’s web page and click on the software update link in the Downloads section.


New Features

  • Changed the administrative user interface to HTML 5 and removed dependence on Silverlight.
  • Improved overall status information reporting.
  • Reduced video decoding latency.
  • Added limited support for 802.1X.
  • Added support for source-specific multicast (SSM) for data sources using RTSP/UDP.
  • On-screen display strings can now be displayed using either Arial or Impact fonts.
  • Video connection errors are now reported when displaying streaming details.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue that could induce video latency over time.
  • Fixed an issue where all video tiles could work improperly after a device reboot.
  • Fixed an issue where a video tile could experience an incoherent display sequence.
  • Fixed issues with the display of stream details which can now be rendered at the same time as an overlay string.
  • Fixed an issue where the application could stop working during the boot-up when a screen is no longer detected.
  • Fixed an issue causing the NTP server address not to be persisted through a device reboot.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the device to stop working properly after several days when running a view sequence.