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We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the PERCEPT Body Camera in the Genetec Supported Device List, confirming seamless
PRESS RELEASE IONODES announces the Milestone verification of the PERCEPT Body Camera and the inclusion in the Milestone Marketplace Commercial
Secure Displays for a Secure Environment IONODES Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to promote
GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System and is the standard generic term describing any satellite constellation system that provides
The PERCEPT Body Camera was designed as an open-platform solution, intended to be integrated into virtually any software platform through
The PERCEPT Body Camera goes beyond traditional body camera functionality by offering advanced live networking and remote access capabilities, leveraging
We recently released our first software plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS, allowing full integration of our award-winning Secure Display Station
With multiple function buttons, the PERCEPT Body Camera allows you plenty of flexibility in accessing its many advanced features at
Our award-winning open platform video wall appliance just got a refresh. The updated ION-R200 Secure Display Station offers the same