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Secure Displays for a Secure Environment   IONODES Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to
Secure Display Stations now allow control of PTZ cameras The Secure Display Stations now offer support for pan, tilt, zoom
IONODES announces the addition of Secure Display Stations in one of the largest medical institutions in Canada The healthcare center
Statement from our CEO / Communiqué de notre PDG 24 mars 2020 Laval, Québec Canada Sujet : Communiqué concernant la situation
IONODES Video Cloud Camera status and motion detection alerts The IONODES Video Cloud allows you set-up alert notifications when any
Update on the COVID-19 Coronavirus and potential impact on our supply chain March 6th, 2020 Dear valued customer, With the
We invite our European customers to join us for a quick 30 minute webinar to learn how our video wall
IONODES Video Cloud Event based cloud video recording In the majority of video surveillance scenarios, the most critical video clips
How to use networking protocol 802.1X on Secure Display Stations Network security is a key aspect of IONODES’ Secure Display