For Immediate Release: March 18th 2019


IONODES Announces Integration with Genetec for Secure Display Stations


Montreal, QC, Canada:  IONODES, a market innovator in dedicated IP video appliances, announced that it has joined the Genetec™ Technology Partner Program as a Silver Partner.  Genetec is a leading provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions. IONODES’ Secure Display Stations, which offer a secure and reliable video wall and spot monitor solution, is now fully integrated with Genetec™ Security Center.  The integration is available as of Security Center 5.7 Service Release 5 and the related products are now listed in the list of supported devices from Genetec.

Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to promote more secure environments. They can display live video on a variety of digital monitors without the cost, complexity and security risk of a client workstation. This is ideal in public areas and in remote sites or facilities with few or no trained security staff. The ION-R100S and ION-R200 Secure Display Stations can display up to 32 IP video streams, on one or two HD monitors, and can be managed directly through the Genetec™ Security Desk client application.

“We’re excited about this integration with IONODES because it makes valuable visual information available, further extending the value of the Genetec™ Security Center platform and offering greater situational awareness to our joint users”, said Alexandra Scarlat, Commercial Manager, Device Integration at Genetec.

Secure Display Stations limit cyber security threats and cannot be tampered with by general staff or the public.  This ensures that video is delivered reliably, securely and efficiently, around the clock.

“IONODES is very committed to using video to increase safety through awareness, by making live video available to more people.  This integration with Genetec will allow customers using Genetec™ Security Center another means to dynamically share live video throughout their organizations to enhance safety and improve business processes.” said Steve Green, Director of Sales and Business Development at IONODES.


More about the partnership with IONODES and Genetec and on this integration can be found here: IONODES Solution Details


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