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Application Note: Employee Safety / Healthcare

Mon, November 19 2018

Secure Displays for a Secure Environment

IONODES Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to promote more secure environments.  They can display live video on a variety of digital monitors without the cost, complexity and security risk of a client workstation.  This is ideal in public areas and in remote sites or facilities with few or no trained security staff.  The ION-R100S and ION-R200 Secure Display Stations can display up to 32 IP video streams, on one or two HD monitors, and typically operate independently of any video management system (VMS) or NVR.

Application: Enhanced Employee Safety / Healthcare

Many healthcare facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Staff and medical personnel go in and out of these facilities, which are often in urban areas, at all times of day and night.  Security is typically well managed within the building but parking lots, exit ways and garages are typically less secure.


Monitors near building exits displaying live video from these less secure areas provide enhanced awareness of any safety risks BEFORE staff exit the secure environment of the facility.  Secure Display Stations can be used to display live video from these areas on a single or dual monitor video wall.  The cameras and display layouts are configured during initial deployment.   These small, easily deployable appliances are then typically mounted directly behind one of the monitors.  One or more security messages can also be displayed on the monitors for added impact.

  • Enhanced safety for staff.
  • Promotes awareness that security is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Allows security video to be shared in areas of the facility where a client VMS workstation can’t be deployed.
  • Security cameras are able to deliver proactive life safety value in addition to their security benefits.
  • Security updates and alerts can be efficiently communicated to staff before they leave the facility.
  • Set and forget.  Cameras are displayed as configured reliably on the monitors.  Value is consistent even as new staff are deployed; no training is required.


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