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Let us help you get to market fast with our full line of IoT video encoder modules designed to be easily integrated into virtually any product or solution.  Get to market faster, leverage our expertise in high-end video processing, reduce your overhead and focus on the things that make you unique.

Multi-Purpose IoT Video Encoder Modules

Full Turnkey

Get all the IoT video tech you need to get to market fast

Systems Control

Support of HD zoom blocks, PTZ controllers, thermal imagers and more


OEM-branded applications including web interface and command & control API’s

High Quality Video

Supports best available compression at resolutions up to 4K

Reliable Software Stack

Field and time-tested IoT software stack including Onvif, RTSP, ION API, and more

VISCA Protocol

Fully compatible with SONY’s VISCA protocol for direct control of practically any zoom block

Innovative Features

Our platforms go beyond the basics, offering many IoT features as well as edge-AI functions

Our IoT Modules


Multi-Purpose IP Video Encoder Modules

The compact form factor of the ATOMAS platform makes it especially well suited for integration to single or dual camera systems with support for LVDS zoom blocks as well as Thermal and composite video sources.

  • Direct connect to LVDS zoom blocks (Sony, KT&C, Tamron, etc)
  • Support for FLIR Boson and Sierra Olympic Tenum thermal
  • H.265 (HEVC), H.264 and MJPEG video compression
  • Video compression and streaming at resolutions up to 4K
  • Full VISCA zoom block control
  • Onvif Profiles G,S,T
    • Wide power input ranges
    • Support for a secondary simultaneous video input / camera (MIPI, Digital Thermal, Composite, HD Component)
    • Available LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking options
    • Available GPS receiver and 9-Axis motion sensor options
    • Available CAN Bus support and JAUS protocol implementation

The ATOMAS-MINI-BOSON-ADAPT breakout board is designed to attach directly to the back of a FLIR Boson 320 or FLIR Boson 640 (60Hz) camera, allowing you to use these thermal cameras as your secondary camera on an ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL.

  • -Use with FLIR Boson 320 / 640
  • -Provides full digital video
  • -Allows for sensor commands


The ATOMAS-MINI-TENUM-ADAPT breakout board is designed to attach directly to the back of a DRS Tenum 640 camera, allowing you to use this thermal camera as your secondary camera on an ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL.

  • -Use with DRS Tenum 640
  • -Provides full digital video
  • -Allows for sensor commands


The ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL-SDSIM-ADAPT breakout board is a micro SD/SIM add-on board designed for use with the ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL line of encoders. This optional module brings edge recording and LTE SIM card support to your ATOMAS design.

  • -Support for micro SD memory card
  • -Support for LTE SIM card
  • -Connects to ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL
  • -Miniaturized form factor


The ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL-ACC-KIT is the ideal accessory kit to get you started with your ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL design. It includes ready to use cables for network, power, audio, serial communications and I/O.

  • -Use w/ any ATOMAS-IOT-DUAL
  • -Provides all basic cable assemblies

Target Applications

Wide variety of applications for our ATOMAS IP video encoder modules.

Thermal / Visible Camera Systems

Inspection Camera Systems

Robotics Camera Systems

Unmanned Vehicle Cameras

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