The PERCEPT Body Camera is more than just a wearable camera, it’s a complete IoT-connected multi-sensor device designed to solve real-world challenges in a multitude of applications.

The wearable IoT Solution

4K Video
Location Tracking
4G LTE / Wi-Fi
180 FoV
Open Platform
Rugged Design

Designed to work for you.

Powerful features packed into a design where ergonomy takes center stage, ensuring user interactions are instinctive, and the position of each element is tuned to ensure optimal performance when worn.

Flexible Function Buttons

Flexible function buttons that can be used to trigger event notifications, start recording and take pictures.

Bi-Directional Audio

Enable two-way communication via built-in dual microphones and speaker over LTE or Wi-Fi.

OLED Screen

Clearly see alert notifications, recording state and system status.

Klick Fast Mount

Recognized mounting system that is versatile, durable and easy to use.

The Power of Panomorph Technology

Panomorph lens technology captures more detail than standard wide angle lenses and adds a multitude of video playback functions that greatly enhance the power of captured video content. Panomorph technology combined with market-leading hi-resolution video, H.265 / HEVC video compression and motion-based image stabilization the video quality is simply the best you can get from a mobile wearable device.

HEVC - H.265 Video Compression
180° Field of View
4K Video Recording at 30 fps

Trusted Video with Embedded Watermarking

Every video frame includes watermarked metadata such as GPS position, wearer ID and 9-axis motion information.

PERCEPT Body Camera

The PERCEPT Body Camera is an IoT-connected open-platform wearable device designed for commercial and enterprise applications. It features 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, immersive 180° video at 4K resolution, bi-directional audio, motion-sensing and multiple innovative functions, making it an ideal real-time body worn monitoring and recording solution.


PERCEPT Body Camera

Designed as a ruggedized open platform device, the PERCEPT Body Camera boasts the durability, flexibility and performance needed to address the needs of a wide range of applications in a diverse set of markets.

  • 4K Video with 180° Field of View
  • 3G / 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Networking
  • +12hrs Battery Life
  • Onvif Compatible
  • Klick Fast Mount System
    • GNSS Location Tracking
    • Dual Microphones and Speaker
    • 9-Axis Motion Sensor
    • OLED Display
    • 64GB microSD
    • Shock, water and dust resistant

Qualcomm Processing

Powered by Qualcomm™ , global leader in mobile processors, ensuring optimal performance and compliance to strict worldwide government regulations.


Always-on networking through 4G LTE allows for live remote access to the camera for alert notifications, live streaming and remote control.


Extensive remote networking capabilities allow you to interact with the camera through Wi-Fi.

Location Tracking

Accurate GNSS positions can be captured, streamed and recorded, allowing for complete control over device location tracking functions.

Cloud video access at your fingertips

Offering direct camera-to-cloud connectivity, the PERCEPT Cloud Solution is a simple camera management solution offering features such as live video streaming, real-time location tracking, centralized camera software updates and remote access for camera control and configuration.

ONVIF Compatible for Headache Free Integration

The PERCEPT body camera is designed to be integrated into practically any software solution, on-premise or cloud through ONVIF.

Genetec integration for all types of deployments

Integrate your fleet of wearable IoT devices into your existing Genetec™ Security Center solution in a few simple steps.

Milestone integration for centralized management of your cameras

Extend your Milestone XProtect video system by including body worn cameras with live streaming capabilities, wide field of view and 4K resolution.

Built to Last

Built tough, the camera is designed to operate in harsh environments and power optimizations allow it to be used during entire shifts without compromise.

Full Shift Battery
Wide Temp. Range
Tested and Certified

Options & Accessories

Depending on your project needs, choose from a wide variety of Klick Fast mounts, charging stations and other accessories.

Klick Fast System

The Klick Fast Systems gives users innovating options of where, and how, to carry their body camera.

Docking Stations

The PERCEPT docking stations are dual purpose, allowing the body cameras to be recharged as well as offering a way to offload recorded video to your video management solution over high speed Ethernet connections.


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