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Application Note: Enterprise Video Solution for Canadian Cannabis Production Facility

Mon, October 28 2019

Enterprise Video Solution

The CR6 line of Enterprise Video Servers, coupled with the Skyview line of professional client video workstations and the Secure Display Stations line of video wall appliances offers a complete solution for large scale deployments in critical physical security projects. With capacities ranging from terabytes to petabytes, high-performance video throughput and verified compatibility with the leading enterprise video management software (VMS) solutions in the market, you can rely on IONODES to meet and exceed the requirements of even the most demanding video surveillance projects.

Application: Canadian Cannabis Production Facility

Canadian cannabis growers are governed by numerous laws related to visual monitoring and video recording. As stated in Canadian law, the perimeter of the site must be monitored at all times by visual recording devices to detect any attempted or actual unauthorized access to the site . Our line of CR6 Enterprise Video Servers meets and exceeds the requirements set forth by these regulations and is currently being used by many cannabis production facilities across Canada.

Cannabis production facilities require high levels of physical security, visual monitoring and access control. Surveillance is ensured through the deployment of a high number of security cameras and video data must be consistently and reliably recorded to secure storage and be kept for at least one (1) year. Enterprise class video servers, such as the CR6 line of servers, with large storage capacity, often over a petabyte, high recording throughput and built-in redundancy are therefore required. Monitoring is ensured through dedicated client video workstations and live video walls deployed at various locations on the site. Skyview workstations and Secure Display Stations are designed for 24/7 video monitoring and offer the high levels of performance required for displaying multiple high-quality video streams on multiple monitors. These products are designed to offer guaranteed compatibility with the leading Video Management Software platforms selected for these large-scale projects, such as Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center.



  • The products proposed meet and exceed the requirements of Canadian laws governing monitoring of cannabis facilities.
  • We offer a complete solution covering recording, archiving, video playback and live display, tailored for the cannabis industry.
  • Our solution is compatible with the leading 3rd party IP cameras in the market.
  • The products have verified compatibility with all major VMS platforms.
  • There is high reliability and redundancy built into every product.
  • Our team of experts is equipped to help you design the ideal solution.

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