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Application Note: Management of remote displays with Milestone XProtect

Tue, July 05 2022

Secure Displays for a Secure Environment

IONODES Secure Display Stations have been designed to use live video monitoring to promote more secure environments. They can display live video on a variety of digital monitors without the cost, complexity and security risk of a client workstation.  This is ideal in public areas and in remote sites or facilities with few or no trained security staff.  The ION-R100S and ION-R200 Secure Display Stations can display up to 32 IP video streams, on one or two 4K monitors, and can be managed directly through the Milestone XProtect® VMS.

Application: Management of remote displays with Milestone XProtect

Most Milestone XProtect deployments require live video, displayed through spot monitors or video walls, to promote situational awareness to viewers in a facility.  Managing multiple video walls in different locations can be time consuming, each video wall requiring individual configuration of cameras and tile layouts.  Furthermore, operating video walls as standalone components requires additional training for security personnel that normally would only interact within a VMS environment.

Using the IONODES Secure Display Stations combined with the IONODES Secure Display Station Plug-in for Milestone XProtect greatly simplifies remote management of video walls by offering a completely centralized and unified solution.  It allows Milestone users to setup and configure video wall layouts and camera assignments directly through the Milestone XProtect Smart Client interface, without any need to interact with the Secure Display Station appliance directly.  In addition, the integration allows users to display any IP camera listed in the XProtect VMS onto any video wall tile of a Secure Display Station; there is no limitation on number of addressable cameras and no limitation of number of managed video walls. This will save valuable time for security staff and eliminates the need for any complex training required to remotely manage one or more video walls across a facility.


• Allows for simplified remote management of one or more video walls through a single interface.
• Enables display of high-quality, low latency live video on any monitor.
• Leverages Milestone XProtect’s extensive set of supported video wall layouts.
• Allows for display of any VMS registered IP camera onto any video wall tile.
• Offers a reliable, robust and secure solution for display of live video on any monitor without the need for a client workstation.

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