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Application Note: Workstation Monitoring for the Gaming Industry

Mon, November 25 2019

ION-E100-HD: Workstation Encoder

The ION-E100-HD is a dedicated video encoder designed specifically for use with HDMI sources such as desktop computers, servers and HDMI cameras. The ION-E100-HD is capable of encoding H.264 streams at resolutions up to 1080p 30 / 720p 60 for transmission over IP networks, to video management servers or IP video decoders for display.

This ION-E100-HD can take the video output of a workstation and convert it to an IP video stream without the need to install any software on the workstation.  The VMS can then manage, record and distribute this stream the same way it manages IP camera streams. This is often used for supervisory and training purposes.


Application: Workstation monitoring for the gaming industry

Casinos are generally large and crowded environments that operate 24/7. Security systems are often complex due to the large number of cameras required to cover a maximum of angles in gaming areas. The safety of visitors and the respect of gaming rules and regulations are the top priorities of casinos that are generally staffed with large teams of security personnel tasked with monitoring all activities in real time. Pairing an ION-E100-HD to a security workstation is the ideal solution for monitoring staff productivity and ensuring that the required levels of security operations are met. The ION-E100-HD allows workstation activity to be recorded as well as streamed in real time for remote supervision. Recorded activity can be used for staff evaluation, training purposes, investigations, etc.

In the following example, cameras are being closely monitored by security personnel in the main security office. All screen activity and operations performed by security personnel on each workstation is converted to an IP video stream via an ION-E100-HD physically connected to the workstation’s video output. These IP video streams become available on the network and are therefore accessible to VMS servers for video stream recording and management.



  • Enables crowd control, suspicious activity monitoring and loss prevention.
  • Captures screen activity and user operations on security workstations.
  • Compact form factor and simple deployment.
  • Additional level of security for auditing purposes.
  • Synchronized playback for review of cameras and user actions side by side.
  • Doesn’t require any software to be installed on the workstations.

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