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Retail Store Chains Boost Security with IONODES Secure Display Stations

Wed, October 04 2023

Retail Store Chains | A Case Study

Retail store chains across North America have successfully implemented IONODES Secure Display Stations to reinforce their security and safety measures.

The spot monitors used by retail stores play a vital role in safeguarding the well being of both employees and customers. These live display monitors enable continuous surveillance of the store premises, parking lots, and other key areas, enabling managers to identify and address potential safety concerns and suspicious activity. Additionally, the presence of surveillance monitors acts as a strong deterrent against theft and shoplifting.

They also contribute to operational efficiency, as they help optimize store layout and customer flow. Retail stores can improve customer service, product placement, and streamline staffing through data-driven insights provided by spot monitors.

As part of the commitment to keeping their rapidly growing network of stores safe and secure, many retail store chains make the decision to replace their existing outdated spot monitors with a more advanced solution that could better address their challenges while contributing to improving operational efficiency. At the top of their requirements, they prioritize finding an open-platform solution that operates side-by-side with their existing on-premise VMS and integrates seamlessly with their ONVIF compatible cameras.

They also need a user-friendly solution that will facilitate the training of their employees, including store clerks and cashiers, for efficient internal deployments. Moreover, with most stores requiring one to four surveillance monitors, it is crucial for the chosen supplier to be capable of efficiently handling a large-scale deployment and delivering products on time.

Read the full case study to learn more about how we partnered with retail chains to solve their security challenges.

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