Secure Display Stations, Customer Success Story

The ION-R100S Secure Display Station Elevates Security and Efficiency at Municipal Credit Union Bank

Wed, December 27 2023

Customer Success Story | Municipal Credit Union and Champion Alarms

Financial institutions, such as Municipal Credit Union, require robust security to protect their staff, customers, and assets. MCU sought a cost-effective solution that provided complete camera coverage without complex hardware or software. They partnered with their system integrator, Champion Alarms, to design a live display solution based on IONODES’ ION-R100S Secure Display Stations.

In the banking industry, strict regulations are put in place due to the high volume of daily monetary transactions. Compliance is crucial to ensure the protection of personal data and prevent theft and fraud. To achieve this, video surveillance is utilized to provide live feeds that constantly monitor the entire bank premises.

Since incidents often occur in less visible areas, employees need to have access to live feeds from multiple cameras to quickly identify and address any suspicious activity. This comprehensive approach aligns perfectly with the bank’s commitment to safeguarding personal information and creating a safe and secure environment, both inside and outside the bank.

MCU needed a live display solution with specific features—one that requires low maintenance, operates silently with a fanless design, and allows for an exceptionally straightforward installation without specialized software. Additionally, they required a user-friendly interface that would simplify employee training. It was also essential that the solution integrate with TVs in the common area, so staff and bank employees can monitor branch activity, assess business levels, and manage client escalation effectively.

The bank also wanted to avoid a workstation-based solution that demanded numerous costly client licenses and the ongoing upkeep by IT personnel. This presented challenges in terms of costs and support time for both MCU and Champion Alarms.

Customer Success Story | Municipal Credit Union and Champion Alarms Read the full customer success story to learn more about the IONODES solution that helped Champion Alarms solve Municipal Credit Union’s security challenges.

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