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Introducing IONODES CitySafe

Mon, April 08 2024


Safer, More Prosperous Communities

IONODES CitySafe is an innovative solution that is designed to enhance urban safety and promote more prosperous communities. It is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates secure video sharing with law enforcement Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCCs) and other important partners. This initiative empowers municipalities, law enforcement agencies, retailers, enterprises, and educational institutions to access and share live and recorded video streams, which significantly improves incident response times, streamlines threat identification, deters crime, and supports legal prosecutions.

Seamless Integration with Genetec Security Center
The effectiveness of IONODES CitySafe lies in its built-in integration with Genetec Security Center, which is made possible through a Genetec Security Center VMS Plugin. This allows for immediate access to live and recorded video from any connected camera at any remote site. IONODES CitySafe provides a unified view of separate video surveillance systems, delivering secure, comprehensive monitoring and response capabilities through a single, user-friendly interface.

Empowering Real-Time Crime Centers (RTCCs)
IONODES CitySafe is more than just a tool; it is a movement towards creating safer and more connected urban environments. It is a secure, cost-effective, and easily deployable solution that works with any camera, bridging the gap between people and places for immediate visibility. IONODES CitySafe’s impact extends across the community, enhancing the safety and wellbeing of citizens, public safety officers, and workers, and fostering stronger community relationships.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Rapid Deployment: IONODES CitySafe can be implemented swiftly without an on-site IT specialist at remote locations.
  • LTE Connectivity: Built-in LTE allows for automatic gateway enrollment, remote configuration, and live video streaming, overcoming internet and bandwidth limitations.
  • Centralized Monitoring: It is effortless to manage and view video from numerous cameras and locations through a unified interface.
  • Open Platform Compatibility: Access any ONVIF-compliant camera while maintaining top-tier security across remote sites and RTCCs.
  • Integrated Safety Ecosystem: Enhance your CitySafe solution with additional integrated products like body cameras, video walls, and public view monitors.
How CitySafe Works
IONODES CitySafe begins with the PERCEPT Gateway, a compact onsite edge appliance that connects easily to local ONVIF cameras. This secure, encrypted gateway facilitates live video streaming and stores local recordings from all connected cameras for a configurable period.
The PERCEPT Cloud, a centralized management platform, allows
secure remote access to the Gateways, providing live and recorded
video access without storing any video in the cloud.

Get Started with IONODES CitySafe
Whether you are an existing Genetec customer or new to the realm of advanced security solutions, IONODES CitySafe offers a streamlined path to upgrading your urban safety and operational efficiency.

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